Body Conference in Seattle/Bellevue

Body Conference 2016

Body Conference in Seattle/Bellevue

“We have to protect our body by ourselves” is Rendo Jyuku’s motto. In a world filled with information, we now have access to a multitude of health programs, treatments and healing methods. But how do we know which is the most suitable for us ? Have you ever wondered why Japanese has the longest and healthiest life expectations? Developed through centuries and adapted by its Masters for modern life, traditional Japanese medicine may be the solution for you, as it provides us with both physical and mental health care.

Mr. Rendo Sugimoto and health professionals in his team will gather in Bellevue.

They will answer your health questions and show you various different method on how to take care of your physical and mental pain.

You can experience various methods and recommendation with yourself.

Let’s explore your own answers to achieve optimal health and well-beings with Rendo sensei and other Professionals.

The theme for “Body Conference” is Women’s health and well-beings.


Date and time: Sunday, September 11th from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Location: North Bellevue Community Center

4063 148th Ave NE, Bellevue, Washington 98007

To purchase advance tickets, please click here:

Only 100 seats are available. Hurry and reserve your seat!

Individual sessions are also available during the Body Conference. Please contact Midori Kikuchi if you are interested in taking the individual sessions.


Mr. Rendo Sugimoto (Izu, Japan): Amagi Thermal Therapy 


Mr. Sugimoto is the president of NPO Rendo Jyuku. Rendo Jyuku aims to share the knowledge hidden beneath Japanese culture with all generations around the world. It promotes regional activities, health awareness and revive ancient tradition through healing workshops and leisure activities. It provides lively social development from multiple angles. Rendo Sugimoto resides in the city of Izu-Kogan, located on the Izu Peninsula in Japan. The Izu Peninsula has some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world and, due to its proximity to many of Japan’s most active volcanoes, has countless hot springs. Along the peninsula is the Amagi mountain range. It is here that Sugimoto Sensei (“Teacher”) developed the Amagi Thermal Therapy. His technique combines this knowledge of healing through the powers of Nature together with other elements discovered during his own healing experiences. Being injured many times, he realized that he had to take responsibility with his own health and well-beings. It was through this inspiring personal journey of healing that Amagi Thermal Therapy was born. Master Rendo has been teaching this amazing healing method to the general public and to medical professionals all over the world for over two decades. He has appeared as a Guest Lecture in NewLife Expo in New York City, he has taught at the U.C.S.B college of creative studies and the Return of the ancestors in Arizona as a “Elder” representative .

Mr. Rendo

Ms. Yoko Iwasaki (Chiba, Japan): Injutsu


Ms. Eri Shimono (Sedona, Arizona) : Therapist, Toe Reading and Soul Coaching

By reading your toes, the story will unfold… Are you walking your destined path?
Understanding your toes is the first step to understanding who you really are.
Did you know that everything that happens in our lives is recorded holographically into our feet? This is the very foundation of Toe Reading!
Major traumas, dramas, personality tendencies and destiny factors are all revealed in the shape of our toes. As KC miller, master Toe Reader puts it, “Everything Something,” which is so true in Toe Reading/Soul Coaching.

Eri Shimono

Ms. Tracey Stover (Seattle, Washington) : Breathing Mandala (

Have you developed a restricted and shallow breath pattern? Restriction in your breath is related to suppressed emotions and stuck energy; and is expressed as stress in your body and mind. Through connected breathing and inquiry, you will experience freedom from the body-mind’s physical contraction. During a breath session you will unravel your attachment to how you think, learn how to use your complete respiratory system and open to transformation. With a free flowing breath pattern your mind knows peace, your body thrives, and you will live into life’s unlimited opportunities.


Tsurumi Saito: How to create healthy and tone body with Amagi Thermal Therapy Weight Loss method.

She is a founder of a Japanese traditional style chiropractic salon & school “Rahael”. Her salon concept is to warm clients’ body and mind. She is an Eastern Medicine Meridian treatment therapist, whole body treatment therapist, Reflexologist, Thai Traditional Massage therapist and Reiki healer.

After meeting with Rendo sensei, she learned how to take care of her body and overcame severe atopic dermatitis. Not only all of her health symptoms went away but also her excessive fat around face, chest, back, tummy, butt, lets and other areas were gone. She was so impressed and started discovering facial distortions have a lot to do with unnecessary fat and discomfort in body. By loosening up the blocked areas will remove unnecessary fat and discomfort. It is also relating with breathing and swallowing. She did a research and wrote a report on facial adjustments theory. Thus she became a certified Instructor of Amagi Thermal Therapy.

Utilizing her own experiences, she came up with Amagi Therapy Therapy Weight Loss method to create healthy body by removing unnecessary fat and discomfort, teaching breathing, improve immune system and metabolism.

Tsurumi Saito.jpg

Ms. Sonoko Harada, Uterus which connects body and soul

Owner of a total healing salon “Garden of Eden”. She moved to Ishigaki Island in 1999 and limits her clients up to two a day. She teaches holistic approaches and seminars on how to solve sexual issues and boost your libido.

Sonoko Harada.jpg

Dr. Aya Sasaki: Gynecologist

Lately there are more women who are suffering from female organ disease and infertilities, Dr. Sasaki is treating her patients with Western and Eastern medicine, diet, natural remedy, Qigong, Chinese medicine healing using Qi energy. Her goal is that mothers are healthy and happy with their newborn babies.

She opened up a clinic for women and a dental office this September in Kyoto, Japan. Her treatment motto is teach women about their body and child labor.

Dr. Naoki Miura, her long time mentor introduced Rendo sensei and his method. Dr. Sasaki has been applying Mr. Rendo’s method in her treatment and helping many women improving their female organ sickness, infertilities and lead relaxed pregnancy and childbirth by teaching her clients holistic approach.

Dr. Sasaki mentioned that I am very excited to present in Seattle and would like to share how to give a birth with ease, how to listen to your female organs messages for those who are raising children and women who have some questions that are difficult to ask even to your own gynecologists and how to do a self-care during “Body Conference: Female Health and well-beings”.

Aya Sasaki.jpg

It would be an amazing event to learn from the experts on how to take better care of ourselves.

As women, we have a tendency to take care of others first. But if you would like to take better care of others, you have to be healthy and happy. Let’s spend one Sunday to be well together with Mr. Rendo and his team!  Japanese speakers presentations will be interpreted into English.


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