Endorsement from Ms. Tracey P Stover, a Breathing Trainer

Ms. Tracey P Stover who is a Breath Trainer (since 2001), meditation teacher, spiritual coach, writer, entrepreneur and an Amagi Therapy Instructor recommended Mr. Rendo’s method as below:

The body gets stuck in a rut after adapting to pain. It is essential to shift this by consistently releasing the pain. There is rarely a quick fix to healing, and what I have witnessed with Rendo’s work has been short of miraculous, all of which we can do ourselves. Learn to release the bodies stored pain.

On Rendo’s last trip, he told one client it looked as though she had breast cancer, she had it checked and it was conclusive. The body tells the story of how we live, Rendo is a master at reading it.

Another woman came in who was very pale, bent over and in chronic pain from too many hours at the computer. In one visit she had relief from the pain, her back straightened and her color returned to normal.

Rendo’s work that I have applied has also been notable.

“For at least ten years I have been very fortunate to have benefitted from the healing abilities of Tracey Stover. Only recently I mentioned to her during a breath session that my right ankle lacked healthy cartilage and was in great pain. She then applied the healing principles of Amagi Therapy. The results were astonishing. The next morning I stood on an ankle that was, for the first time in four years, completely pain free!”
M.D., Seattle, WA.

It is always my sincere interest to share with you what I have found, works.


Tracey Stover
Breathing Mandala


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